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listened to this over some mcdonalds. i felt like i was eating before a secret mission or something

Montron responds:

Thanks man! Also congrats for the recent frontpage!

Sounds like Hyper Potions, nice job! :D

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future funk x glitch hop idk

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Controversial topic, agreeable song to anyone with any political views regardless (except those SJWs, you just can't please 'em, lol)

McGorilla42 responds:

Hey, thanks for another review :) I'm glad that people listened and understood the lyrics. It's pretty scary singing about something 'real', but having people acknowledging them makes it worth it

Solid track all around! I very much enjoyed it.

I noticed that you asked ganon95 what kept it from a 5/5, so to be helpful, I'll include why I gave this 4.5/5 instead of 5/5.

4.5/5 would go to a track that did everything in a fantastic way. The execution was amazing, the mixing is great, and the track is generally pleasant and enjoyable to listen to. (by the way, 4.5/5 is still really good and is basically perfect in every aspect, or damn near close.)

5/5 is when the track is extremely memorable for one reason or another. Maybe the chords, or the melody. The last half star is mostly based on my opinion of whether or not I feel it's memorable. For a track to get 5/5, it needs to have the level of 5/5, but it needs to be something I will remember and come back to and listen to again.

Alright, I'll give you some better feed back than the first one since it sounds like you actually put effort into this one.

The main thing I notice is that the way the lower notes on the piano interact with the higher notes sounds really awkward and just bad. It's probably related to using notes a half step apart from each other on the scale. This is typically used to create tension, but I believe you misused it here and just made it sound awkward. The part at 1:25 is awful. There's really bad clipping, and the lower notes sound super cancerous. I was really debating whether this part was serious or if you just threw it in as a joke. Also, what the hell is that weird percussion thing in the background? It doesn't fit at all with the piano.

Overall, I'd recommend you study music theory and chords a bit more. I can tell what you were going for, and it seems like you have ideas, but the execution is just awful. 1.5/5

Shye responds:

Wow, this was a lot to take in. I appreciate your honesty, however.
I don't quite know exactly what you're getting at with the half steps, but I can give you the sheet music for the composition so maybe you could point out what it is you mean there. And I know the louder part at 1:25 isn't perfect either, I spent maybe 3 days editing and debating whether or not to continue with it or cut it out completely, but decided to keep it for interest. The percussion is actually an old grandfather clock, which I've edited a little to try to fit in with the atmosphere of the piece, but obviously that didn't come to fruition.


nice dnb track deadrewind


Lockyn responds:

thank ya

Not much to say honestly, sounds like your best to me. I just think you dragged out the lofi effect a bit too far. Also consider adding some vinyl crackle sounds in the background, would have liked to hear that. (there's a 10 minute loop on youtube i think) Other than that, nice job! 3.5/5

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