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1/10 needs a kill bill siren

Seriously tho, finish this xD

I gave the last one a long review, but all I can say for this is WOW! :D Great job!

Well, I'm one of the first to find this, so yay!
Nice track, I really don't have much to say. The mixing is great, I just wish this song had some more progression. Other than that, nice track.

I'll give this one a nice long review:
WEWS (good):
-This song is mixed very nicely! Everything seems to be about the right volume.
-The tune is pretty catchy, so good job.
-This song has a good progression going on, and it has a good pace for this genre.
EWS (bad):
-This is really repetitive. The progression is good, but there's hardly any variation. A catchy tune is killed by sheer repetition.
-I wish this song had a more prominent bassline, but this is forgivable because this genre doesn't need a ton of bassline.

Overall: A catchy song that is, while rather repetitive, a good track. Nice work, 4/5.

Wow, first review on this thing in 3 years. This is an amazing song, and it's very catchy! :D

I kind of wish that there was more going on at the drop, or the drop could have had a bit of progression. Overall though, this is a great track! Good job!

5TanLey responds:

yeah this piece is a bit "cheaper", but I liked it anyway, so it's here :)

I really like this, it's mixed really nicely. The drums could be a little louder, but other than that, great track! :D

5TanLey responds:

thx dood

This song is really catchy, good job! :D

ABitApe responds:

Glad to hear that! Thanks for listening ^^

I'm sorry, but this just isn't very easy on the ears. It is not pleasant to listen to at all. During the peak of the song, I can't even tell what is going on in the music. And in the background, there's a really annoying buzzing sound. This song is also mixed poorly. Please change the leads and bass that you use, it's not nice to listen to at all.

Sorry to be so harsh.

Nice track, saw this in the recent page. The mixing is almost perfect, I think that the dubstep growls could be a little quieter though, but other than that, great remix!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

I agree I guess, the sidechain on it makes it kinda loud xD thanks for the review!!

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