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Great track, some of the leads are a bit loud though. Also, the drums are pretty repetitive. I know DnB does have some repetitive drums, but I think it needs a little variation here and there. Lastly, add some FX to make it sound more dynamic. (e.g. reverse cymbals, whitenoise, cymbals, etc)
I must say, I thought the hi-hats were too quiet, but I think it's a very good volume. I assume it was your intention to make them kind of subtle. The melody is imaginative, and I like how you varied it some throughout the track. I like the intro, it's very, well, introductory, and the ending is quite conclusive to the song.
Overall, this is a nice track. I think you did a good job. 4.5/5

Lubloom responds:

I agree, especially in the second half of the song. I think I layered them without changing volume much (if at all) so the resulting sound was much louder. I've tried to make more variation with drums in some of my other DnB songs as I sometimes feel that they do get repetitive. I'll need to mess around with some (more) FX in the near future as others have said that it would improve the song as well. I've got a riser and both reverse and regular cymbals, just never really integrated them into a song before.

I was indeed trying to make them subtle, may have gone a bit overboard on their volume reduction though. Melody came from me messing around on a keyboard one day and then speeding it up and I liked what I heard! I started this song a while ago so the intro was one of the first I ever did using filters to give a fade in effect without using volume (as volume changes usually make the transition seem more empty in my opinion). I tried to have the outro be similar to the intro as it calms the whole thing down at the end.

Thanks very much for your review! I like the way you structure it with the Criticism and Praise, it's very useful :)

Cinematic DnB, a genre pioneered by Xtrullor.

Well, if this was FL 12, I would give it 1 star, but I've used FL Mobile before, and I know it's hard to make something good with it, so I'd say this is about as good as an FL Mobile song can be. 3 star because its still not a great song lol but good job

Skiddle responds:

Thanks man :3

The synths you used don't sound very good at all, the mixing is OK at best, and it's not enjoyable to listen to.

This might be the first legitimately constuctive criticism here...
So, I like the track as a whole. The bass sounds really good. I think some of the high synth chords can be a bit annoying, but you don't repeat them enough for it to be absolutely intolerable. The lead at about 2:30 is really obnoxious, you should turn it down. Lastly, some of the drop isn't really intense enough to be considered a drop. You've got the bass elements there, it just needs some variation to give it a bit of intensity. Overall however, great song! 4.5/5

the saw you use throughout the song has a really annoying noise thing going on, but other than that this is a cool track. some of the high synths are really annoying though.

Theoristick responds:

thanks, and yeah, its kinda annoying

which plugins did you specifically use?
nice song tho, especially for just stock fl stuff

Demonicity responds:

3xosc mostly and sytrus for the supersaws

Great song! Some of the high synths are a bit annoying, but overall a great track :)

I've been on Newgrounds for almost a year now (9 or 10 months), and haven't followed a single person. That is, until now. You are my first follow ;)

Volterix responds:

Wow, thanks a lot man!

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