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Still don't think this is great, but I I definitely smell the scent of improvement! I feel like this is miles ahead of your other tracks, despite not being amazing. There are a lot of basic mistakes here that I could point out, but I think if you study some music theory and production skills, you'll keep improving. I'm happy to finally see some progress with you. Good luck! :)

FelixZophar responds:

Yeah, after hearing a lot of NCS music, I've seen how they write they're music. I tried to see how I could make it like they'res.

first try? pretty sick actually, especially for a first try

DemonicNobility responds:

yea kinda thx man

Before I make this review, please don't defend your song with "i made it really fast" when you respond to this. I'm not going to lower my standard for your because you made it fast. Regardless of the time it took, a good song is still a good song, and a bad song is still a bad song.

That said, the lack of any substantial amount of time spent on this is fairly evident. You just used stock samples that come with FL3. The scratchy thing in the background is pretty cool, that's all I'll give you credit for though. There is a serious lack of content in this, and the main vocals have nothing to do with the song and are really loud, dry, and out of place. I don't hear any sort of effects on any of the 3 sounds you used. No sidechain, no compression, everything's panned center, and I'm sure you couldn't be bothered to EQ (although it doesn't really matter in this instance since there is no audible sub)

Skiddle responds:

Didn't expect a detailed review!
I had no clue what most of those are in this review until today (thanks to you in the discord chat). Yeah, this is really bland. But, wait...no, you're right. it's bad

The sound is cool, but the song doesn't really progress or change, it's just that one synthwavy sound that you play over and over again. 1/5

Skiddle responds:

True. but, this was my first drone ambient.

Awful. Do not chalk this down to "splittercore's not for everyone" like you did last time. I've listened to good splittercore, this is not a good splittercore song, for the same reasons I listed in the other one.

Skiddle responds:

i know, I just wanted to get this out there. Sorry that you didn't enjoy it.

I keep coming back to this. It's really great in every aspect. 5/5 <3

Nice. Mixing needs a bit of work (just easy2fix stuff), but other than that, pretty solid. 4/5

hey dude congrats on best of da year :)

EruptionMusic responds:


nice melodies, but the chords are ultra generic. other than that, pretty neat

very nice c:

no longer active on ng, check out my other sites :)


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