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You had a nice tune, but it's very repetitive. You just repeated it with different sounds. Also, I think a lot of people will agree with me on this one. Extratone is not musical. Like, at all. It's painful to listen to, and layering a melody on top of it doesn't make it better. I know this is a blunt way to put it, but this genre is not a way to get listeners and followers.

Well, you had a good melody! Yes, it indeed was repetitive, but it was a pretty good melody. The mixing wasn't awful either. The bass is good, maybe a little more would help.

Overall, this track has potential, but introducing Extratone absolutely killed the track. I was really enjoying it until you killed my ears. However, this does have potential. I think you should try some other genres though, because you are good at making melodies and general composition as a whole. Sorry if my review is a bit blunt at points. 2.5/5

Tygrysek responds:

The thing is I am trying to make extratone enjoyable for everyone. Extratone, that doesn't really kill ears. But still, thanks.

The high end on the snare is a bit high, you might want to bring up the mid a bit or turn down the highs. As BurgeraX said, the sidechain is a bit loud and some of the growls get drowned out.
I really like the lead you used! It sounds really nice. As stated, the growls can be a bit quiet, but they sound good too. This song is well mixed and I think you kept it varied enough throughout the song to keep it from being stale or boring
Overall, nice track! 4.5/5 :)

Instrex responds:

I always had problems with the mix, but I'll try to equalize the snare a little :)

Thanks for the nice review, I'll try to fix the problems :D

The synths around 00:30 are a bit tacky-sounding. Also, the vocoded stuff that is happening towards the beginning is kind of weird to me. Lastly, you could bring up the bass-end at some parts.
The melody is very well-designed for this genre! And yes, it is pretty funky. I did say you need to bring up the bass, but the parts that had bass sounded really good. The song is not repetitive or boring, a problem many glitch-hop songs suffer.
Overall, good work! 4.5/5

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks dude :D

Virtual riot much?

Volterix responds:


The reverb sounds good on the instruments, but it sounds kind of odd on the drums. Also, the kick seems a bit house-y, you might want to try a harder kick for dubstep.
As I said before, the reverb sounds good on the instruments! The melody is slow and works nicely for dubstep. Perhaps a sadder dubstep track or maybe even a melodic dubstep track.
Nice work, the drums need a little work though. 4/5 :)

MattReg responds:

Thanks :D

Turn down the high-end on the kick. Also, some of the bass is ridiculously obnoxious. It's loud and tacky.

The orchestral sounds you used are really high-quality, they sound very realistic. You used the filter cutoff very creatively in this song, so good job with that. The ending is conclusive to the song.
Overall, you've improved since the last time I listened to one of your tracks. (quite a while ago) Nice track, just a few of the sounds need a little work. 4.5/5

Honestly, the rest of my criticism is the same as the original, but this song sounds so much better without miscellaneous effects being spammed throughout the song with no context. I think you should really just update the original.

BossWilderOfficial responds:

Some, me included like the original as well so I see no reason, it would be pretty uncool to just make it unavailable after it's been released.

The Geometry Dash demon face for the picture isn't very appealing, it will make a lot of people want to click away. However, I won't take away stars for that. Some of sounds you used though are tacky and don't fit in. Actually, some of the parts as a whole don't fit in very well.
The synths (nexus i assume) sound very nice. Well done. The melody is complex at some parts, which works good for this type of EDM. Some of the parts are tacky, but for the most part, it's not boring. This is important if you're going to make a song that is over 6 minutes long, it needs to be interesting.
Overall, I think this track could have been organized much better, but I'd say you did an OK job. Nice work, 3.5/5.

BossWilderOfficial responds:

Thanks for the review. the most prominent lead synths are two 3x Osc and one sylenth layered together but they're not all the time playing together. The rest are mostly sylenth ones .

I think you used sounds in a very creative way in this track. It's very imaginative and well-designed. My only complaint is sometimes the synths drown out the clap, but I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, so I'm still giving 5 stars.
Good job :)

KaixoMusic responds:

I don't know what you mean with the clap thingy. But yeah, I'm still trying to improve my mastering skills. That may be the cause.

I was honestly expecting the pace to pick up at some point, but it didn't, and it occurred to me that it's not supposed to, it was made that way by design. So, I have no serious criticism.
The atmospheric design for this is insanely good. Very well done.
Overall, great track. 5/5

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