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The ending is pretty out of context IMO. Also, at about 00:52, the vocals are way too loud. You need to introduce some other elements there as well, because it sounds pretty empty to me. I think the lead at the drop needs a nice, gritty bass under it to make it sound denser and more rich. Most importantly, above all, the thing that bothers me the most about any song ever... FL BASIC DRUMS. It's really not that hard to go on the internet and find some nice drum samples for 10 bucks. Don't have the money? There are hundreds of thousands of free, quality samples out there. But please, don't use FL Basic Drums. Even FL comes with some other drums that are somewhat usable, but the basic drums are terrible and overused. Unprocessed FL Basic drums do not sound good. Don't make the mistake of using them again. The mix in this could be better.

Overall, this song's alright. 3/5 :)

P.S. you may have noticed I'm not doing my usual criticism praise format. i'm just doing criticism now

xXLocoXx responds:

Thanks for the criticism. Something you should know though: I did use some non-FL drums. I have a whole HUGE free pack of drum samples. Some of the drums, like I think maybe one of the claps, is the basic drums, but I put a bunch of different ones in there too, so idk. :P Also, something I noticed is that the song sounds better overall in the actual FLP than in the export, so maybe I'm accidentally exporting it at a lower quality. :P

To all the comments below complaining that it's too slow, I know why. It's because it IS too slow. This is about 130 BPM, and typical dubstep tempo is about 140. Alright, so the synths you're using don't fit very well with the song. The breakdown at about 0:15 isn't cool. It's really awkward sounding honestly. The piano is way too loud. Actually, in general, the mix in this song is bad. The drums are a bit too quiet. Speaking of the drums, you used the wrong drums! In general, dubstep uses a harder kick and a harder snare with a long tail. The drop really doesn't sound like much of a drop. Because this song doesn't have a strong melody, returning to the melody in the drop in different breaks doesn't really make it interesting. The second drop is even more awkward because the drums aren't designed with the melody in mind. For instance, instead of the piano hitting in between the kick and the snare, it only hits on the snare, which sounds very odd. Also, I think that you should layer the kick on the snare (i.e. everytime the snare hits, the kick also hits.). It helps give the drums more movement. I think you need a grittier bass layered under your synths at the drop to make them sound denser.

I do think the buildup sounded pretty cool to be honest. I also think you could make some cool synthwave stuff with the synths you're using. The bass itself sounds nice, but as I said earlier, it should be a littler grittier.

Overall, no offense, but this song doesn't belong at the #1 spot in the popular section. I really don't mean to be rude, but it's just not that good. 2/5 :)

P.S. I leave this note whenever I give a review less than 3 stars. I'm really sorry if I came across as harsh, I didn't intend to, but in general, when I leave a review less than 3 stars, I don't enjoy the song.

As @TrickshotCat12 said, this is so generic. There's nothing unique about this track to distinguish it from any other dubstep song. The Serum growls aren't exactly unique, and they're really repetitive. The growls at the drop are way too loud. I also think some reverb can help a bit with the bass. The transition at about 0:55 was bad. Actually, transitions in general are bad. I think this track could use some whitenoise. If it's there, it's not prominent enough. Having a fill there is a good start, but you need some other things to spice up the transition. Lastly, the ending is terrible. It comes out of nowhere with no context at all. I would have honestly thought it was continuing into some kind of breakdown or main verse if there was no progress bar telling me the song was ending.

I do like the melody. The melody is pretty nice sounding. I think you could make it show some in the drop. (i.e. layer it on a fill and play part of the melody in the drop) Also, the arpeggio is sick! I like it! I also like your use of a high pass at 0:55. This doesn't make up for the lack of sound effects there, but it does help. Lastly, this song isn't boring. You managed to keep it interesting throughout the song.

Overall, this song is OK. It does need some work with the bass, the mixing, and the effects, but it's alright. Nice song, 3/5 :)

I know this is a harsh rating, but please consider my criticism. Anyways...
This song isn't very nice to listen to. It's not very musical. The synths used are very weird. Some of the sounds you used are either off key or out of tune, but in any case, they don't in tune with the rest of the song. (like around 1:52) The transitions are pretty bad too. Some parts sound like they're just ripped from different songs and don't even sound like the same song.
Continuing on, some parts lack any bass whatsoever. They have no (audible) bassline. Likewise, some parts lack a mid or a treble. This song is mixed mediocre at best. At some parts, I can't even hear the synths over the drums, and vice versa in others.
This also lacks depth. Most parts have no layering of different instruments and sounds. This is important in EDM to make your sounds detailed. It's not hard to copy and paste the same piano sequence onto a different (but good-sounding) instrument. Just make sure that the layers don't clash. In the past, I have used over 5 layers on one sound.
The drums really don't sound very good in my opinion. They just don't work well with the rest of the song. I can't distinguish any sort of genre besides EDM. (i.e. i can't tell if it's house, dubstep, etc etc.) I assume it's experimental, but then I can't see why you wouldn't label the genre as experimental.
The various melodies clash and the tune doesn't sound very musical.

Not trying to be rude, but I really couldn't think of anything. (i promise i'm not trying to be rude)

Overall, this is not a very good song in my opinion. I think this piece is pretty much unfinished. I honestly believe you could do something with this if you put more effort into it. Sorry if I came across as harsh, but please consider my criticism. Thanks, 2/5 :)

The bass at the drop is eh. It really feels more like a breakdown or a main verse than a drop. I think you need some more intense bass. Try Serum for your drop bass. Just load a hi-hat or percussive effect of some sort into the wavetable. Sytrus and FM8 also work nicely. Modulate the X and the Y mod, and maybe even filter cutoff.

This song has a good mix. Also, you were right about the drum samples, they sound fabulous! The arp is sick. That off-beat stab is really well done too. Also, love the vocal chops, those are a neat introduction. Vocal chops aren't uncommon in dubstep, but you used them in kind of an uncommon way.

Overall, great track! Bass just needs a little work. 4/5
(also if you're using 3rd party samples or sample packs, you might want to change the audio rights. select "uses 3rd party samples" in the rights you have to this audio.)

Lubloom responds:

I was going for a more chilled feel on this one by trying to use less heavy bass, and I did use serum with some of the default wavetables for the drop. Using a hi-hat sample is good for growls and stuff like I did with my last song but I wanted to try something different. I usually modulate wavetable position, FX slot (such as bend or FM from osc b), filter cutoff, filter frequency. I'll note that for next time I make a dubstep track though!

Thanks! I started off by making the off-beat stab and added everything else in around it. The arp came to mind when I was messing around with brostep stuff. Glad the vocal sample worked out, it was my first time using one :P

This is painfully repetitive. It's not very enjoyable to listen to, and the sounds you used have potential, but you used them in the wrong context. And, as Zyzyx said, the Geometry Dash Demon face isn't very appealing on a song when it has nothing to do with GD. Also, the ending just comes out of nowhere with no context at all.

As I said, the sound you used do have potential. Also, I think the mixing is pretty good. The part at about 2:35 is pretty nice to listen to.

Overall, this song is OK. 3/5 :)

FelixZophar responds:

Thanks but I'm trying to dig out as many ideas from my head as possible.

Well, I tend to not really like neurofunk as much, but I will try to set that aside.
The only criticism I really have is the drum beat. It is a DnB beat, but I think it needs more going on with the kick. That's all really, still 5*.
The bass is really nice sounding. The mix is pretty good. I think you kept this track varied enough to keep it from being boring.

Overall, as I said, I don't really like neurofunk, but this is good! 5/5 :)

Ravitex responds:

I am aware of the whole thing about the drums, and adding any more elements there ruins it for me. Not the kind of thing I was going for. But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this track even though you don't like neuro! Thanks for the feedback!

I think this is more future-y, but yeah nice track

I think the lead at the drop could be a bit thicker. Maybe add a gritty bass to the lead, or add some distortion to it.
Wow, I have a lot of praise for this. First, this is your best mix ever. Also, the Serum growls sounded really nice. The melody is pleasing to listen to. Actually, the sounds in general are nice to listen to. I like how you incorporated many of Virtual Riot's signature elements without outright ripping off his style. I have so much other praise about this, but I don't want to make a huge wall of text.

Overall, this is a fabulous track. Great job, 4.5/5

Lubloom responds:

Thanks a lot!
I do agree, I feel that the lead was a bit drowned during the drop.

All that praise makes me know it was worth the extra time I spent on this. Really appreciate it, it's always nice to know people enjoy my stuff!

Really, the only problem is the mix. The mix is OK. The kick and the snare are loud throughout the song. I assume they were intended to not be drowned out at the drop, which is good. However, I think you need to add some dynamics so that they don't drown out the melody at the non-drop parts. The vox could be turned down a bit. Also, at about 3:40. there's a really annoying lead that is too loud.

Wow dude, that drop is amazing. The drop is very well done. I love the leads you used. The bass and growls sound so cool. The mix isn't the best at some parts, but it's very well done at the drop.

Overall, this is a great track. The mix just needs a little work. Awesome song, job well done. 4.5/5

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks so much dude :D I get that the kick and snare sound super loud... its mostly because I have a super song side chain (volume goes to absolute zero lol) and by vox I'm assuming you mean the vocals? yeah they were hard to mix in because I didn't have the individual stems xD

Thanks for review <3

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