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You've improved since the last time I listened to one of your songs. This has one major flaw though: It's not DnB. This is more like melodic dubstep. There's none of the classic DnB breakbeats, which really makes it DnB more than you would think. It also seems too slow to be DnB, although I could be wrong about the tempo. The melody also isn't very strong. I'm glad you attempted to recreate some popular bass sounds, but it didn't work. It really does sound like a ripoff of those sounds. You might want to consider getting Serum, it's worth it and it accurately makes those bass sounds. And, the lead hits need a gritty bass under them to make them hit harder. I'm not talking about a sub bass, just a normal bass. This will make it sound denser and thinker. You can do this by simply distorting a low saw wave.

Nice track, you've gotten better, but there's still much room for improvement. 3/5 :)

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Alright. There is no option for melodic dubstep though, so I just put drumnbass.


ramiroangel responds:

can't really say anything about that, i forgot to choose another snare


Who said Liquid DnB is dead?

Great track, small tip:
Be careful as a musician with descriptions on your songs that advance any sort of political cause. It may be a widely supported one, but if you want to grow as a musician, it's best to appear as neutral as possible. This doesn't mean you need to actually be neutral, obviously you're allowed to show your own thoughts. But an easy way to lose or not gain fans is to agree with or argue against certain causes, as it will offend some people. A great way to prevent that is just to appear neutral.

Great track though, 5/5 :)

zybor responds:

like i give a fuck about what my description offended special snowflakes. as mentioned many times before, i'm not competitive. i could write music better than many mainstream musicians, and i have actual history of award winning projects. i do music for the sake of entertainment of other and myself, and not for profit.

music is to express one self, not selling yourself. if i can't have fun, then i don't want to make music.

Kaixo! I see your name more and more often.

Nice song, no criticism really. Not doing a normal format, this song really has no problems.

KaixoMusic responds:

Thanks :D

Mix - 7/10
I think the mix is pretty good! Some of the synths you used are kind of loud, but other than that, nice work!

Sound Design - 6/10
I would have given this an 8/10, but the growls killed it. They suck. They're awkward and don't fit. I think some Sytrus growls would fit it. If that's what you're using, you might want to try some more normal growls. The orchestra doesn't sound very good. If you want some good orchestral samples, try EWQL Hollywood Strings Silver Edition. It has some nice strings and for a reasonable price of $100.

Melodies - 8.5/10
I like it. Simple but effective.

Arrangement/Progression - 6.5/10
Nice work with the overall progression. I think the drop sounds kind of empty to be honest. Try layering a strong bass beneath your lead to give it some power and density at the drop.

EQ/Balance - 7/10
The balance is pretty good. I think this needs more bass though, particularly at the parts with a lead. Like a said, a good bass under your leads goes a long way.

Ending - 6/10
Yeah, it could have been better. Maybe some whitenoise on top of that last lead hit?

Overall (NOT AN AVERAGE) - 6/10
Not the best, but certainly not your worst. This is better than your speedcore on so many levels. Good track, 6/10.

Tygrysek responds:

I did try figuring out the bass for the drop to not be empty, but it was getting way too loud and I thought it won't be enjoyable so I had to lower it down, yet it's still hearable there.
As for some synths being loud, I know for a fact that the guitars seem loud when they're on the low cutoff. And the ending is bland, kind of meant it to be like that.

Anyways, I'll try to improve. I used Serum growls because I found some I wanted to use. But I suppose the song was too "kind" lol. Thanks!

I recognize that sample at the drop...
(it's from cymatics synth melodies)
Great song though

Mix - 8.5/10
This mix is well done. I would suggest turning down the bass at the drop a tad bit. Other than that, good mix!

Sound Design - 9/10
You did a good job doing something kind of original while still keeping the ToE feel with the sounds. Nice work, 9/10.

Melodies - 7/10
The melodies are nice, but at some parts, it's kind of hard to distinguish a melody. I'm not referring to the drops, because that's OK, but I mean during the melodic parts. It's probably because the piano is a bit a complex.

Arrangement/Progression - 9.5/10
Nice work. This progresses in a similar way to the way in which the other entries to this series progress. I really don't have much to say about this honestly. I do like your use of filter for dynamics though, makes it more interesting.

EQ/Balance - 7/10
This seems like a good balance. I think you need a bit more in the mid or high mid area. Nice work.

Ending - 4/10
Really? You could have gone with the filter ending but you made the piano fade back in. Then I thought there might be a nice last chord, but there wasn't! The ending was completely out of context. What people don't seem to understand is that the last part of the song is the part that resonates with them the most. You need to make the ending good.

Overall (NOT AN AVERAGE) - 8/10
Well done on this track. I think this would pass as an official entry to the ToE series. I do agree with some of the other comments though that people need to stop beating the dead horse that we know as ToE. You've milked all you can out of this series, it's time to move on. This fact didn't affect my review or my overall points, but I think you should stop making entries to the ToE series. Let's call it finished.

Found this in the recent section.

Mix - 7.5/10
The mix is actually pretty good. Some of the synths could be turned down a bit, but in general, I think you did alright with the mix.

Sound Design - 6/10
The sounds do sound alright. As a remix however, they don't really fit to the original song.

Melodies - 4/10
The melodies are the same as the original, which would receive a 9/10. So what's the difference? This goes back to sound design. The melodies were designed with a different sound in mind in the original song, and in this song you used the same melody with a sound that didn't work.

Arrangement/Progression - 3/10
I get that this is a remix, but honestly, if you're doing a remix, I think you should change the arrangement a good bit. Otherwise, it's just a remake, not a remix. Since you said it's a remix, I'm judging it like one. The arrangement and progression aren't very strong because of your lack of sounds that work in the melodies you used.

This song lacks a bass entirely it seems (except the kick). I really don't think you did any EQing at all. It seems you didn't even try to get the low frequencies in. Because of this, your drops don't feel as dense as the original, and really don't feel that interesting.

Ending - 2/10
The ending literally comes out of nowhere. I thought it was going to keep going into another breakdown sequence, but it didn't. It's so out of context and random.

Overall (NOT AN AVERAGE) - 4/10
This song is not very good. It really seems like a failed attempt at a remake rather than a remix. But, again, you said it's a remix, and I'm judging it like one. 4/10, sorry if I came across as harsh.

DJ-Dawphin responds:

Alright thanks for the review. I am a beginner, and still learning how to use all the tools. For example, EQ.

no longer active on ng, check out my other sites :)


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