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as lit as the original. probs your best remix of anything ever good job

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

thanks bro :)

just slightly on the repetitive side, but still a fantastic song. 5/5 as usual

This is better than most of your songs. Still not that good. Your tracks should take well over 25 minutes. Mine usually take at least 4-5 hours. A skilled musician might be able to make a nice loop in 25 minutes, but not a full track.
As far as the actual track goes, you chose some very strange instruments for the melodies. I am pretty sure that the main instruments aren't sidechained either. If you don't know what a sidechain is, it's basically when you link your instruments to your drums and the instruments dip in volume when a drum hits. This is very important to make room for your drums, especially in EDM. The leads aren't very pleasant to listen to. This track needs a good sub bass. I also think the main lead needs a nice bass under it to beef it up at the drop. Speaking of the drop, what the heck happened at the drop! A few key things missing here: a bass, a sub bass, whitenoise, supersaws, etc etc. In general, this song is missing a lot.

Overall, this isn't a good song. 2.5 stars is pretty gracious. I think you have tremendous unmet potential. If you put a bit more effort into your tracks, I could see some feature-worthy stuff here! But really, this song is empty, and 25 minutes isn't long enough to be working on a track. I'm really sorry if I came across as harsh.


FelixZophar responds:

I use a horrible DAW with only thirty synths!

I do like bit trip! Anyway, this is a nice remix! A few things:
-I think you did a good job of integrating FL Basic drums into the mix, something many producers would find challenging. Nice job with that.
-On that same token, I wish you modified them a little bit to make them sound different from how they normally do. Nevertheless, they do fit in nicely.
-Last thing about the drums, promise. I like how you changed the drums throughout the song to keep it interesting.
-This song has a nice flow. It seamlessly transitions between different sections without transitions that feel particularly unnatural.
-The song is interesting and varied. You kept me interested for all 10 minutes of this, which is quite a feat.

Overall, nice track. No huge criticisms. 4.5/5 ;)

ganon95 responds:

thanks, i kept the drums as is cuz none of the other drums i used seemed to fit.

glad you liked the transitions as its one of the harder parts of making the bit.trip remixes

liked it so much that i stole your idea lel

nice remix tho

i feel like this is inspired by one of the fl demos... i wonder which one

anyway yeah nice track. the vocals are a bit loud. the transitions could be a little better.

gg m8 i like it

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Fl demos?? i don't even use FL i use logic but yeah thanks bro xD

agree with 5tanley

Great song, it's dragged out a bit longer than necessary, but other than that, this is awesome!

those arps give me chills

Nice track, not a lot to say about it.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

thanks :)

Awesome, I love liquid DnB! This song has a lot of sick stuff in it!

I think the quiet snare/percussion hits layered on the main drums are good, but you should try something less snare-y. Also, the filtered intro is kind of odd. I think you should try using the chord progression on a really mellow instrument like a rhodes piano (fl keys has a nice one) for the intro, then have a short buildup into a drop with a less mellow instrument. (like the piano you used)

Those pads are awesome though. The arp really helps with the texture of the song too. GMS doesn't have a lot of great stuff, but the ambient presets it has are really nice. Just grab a pad preset and eq out the high end for a really ambient type of sound. Also that drum beat is awesome

Nice track! 4/5

Lubloom responds:

Thanks! I've been taking inspiration from a lot of different artists like Rawtekk and Netsky recently.

I agree. I think I could have used a nicer percussion hit over a snare sound for that. I've never really considered using a different piano preset but I could try it in the next thing I do.

That pad was made in harmless ages ago and is the only thing I have ever used the synth for but it's one of my favourite sounds. Drum beat was inspired by Rawtekk's song "Snowflakes".

Thanks for the helpful review!

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