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It's one of TomFulp's favorites. Must be good.

First, you need to mark this as "uses 3rd party samples". I can pick out samples that I hear from the Virtual Riot pack. There's no shame in using samples, I use them myself, but you need to license properly or else your song can be taken down. I suggest editing it and changing the licensing before this gets taken down.

So, when I listened to this, I thought the intro was pretty OK. It feels just a bit empty. The drums in the beginning are too loud. They seem fine at the drop. What I think happened is that you were mixing the drop, and you turn up the volume to make them come out in the mix. It sounded good, but, since you used the same kick drum in the intro, it sounded too loud there. I suggest automating the volume of the drum. The next issue: the buildup. The buildup comes out of nowhere. The drop isn't absolutely awful. But, there are some issues. First, some of the growls clash. This is probably due to a lack of EQing and as such, some frequencies are clashing. Also, at about 0:52, I see what you tried to do there. You tried to make the melody come back for a second during the drop. There's nothing wrong with that, but I suggest you add some cymbals. (cymbal at the transition, reverse cymbal, then another cymbal) The piano is a bit loud. It's also not particularly dynamic. I suggest changing the velocity of some of the notes. Automate the volume, because it's too loud at some parts and just fine at other. The second drop sounds awkward, like the first one.. It sounds like most or all of the sounds aren't sidechained in either of the drops. This is important to make room for the drums. The reverse cymbal at 3:06 is too loud. Not sure what the ending was, it was pretty random. and odd.

Overall, you have improved, but you still have a long way to go. Keep working at it Mkallux!

Again, with these weird non-conforming hybrids/experimentals. Love it. Nothing really to say about this. 4.5/5

Montron responds:

Thanks man for the review. I appreciate it.

This is just epic. I really do not have any criticism at all with this. You need more attention man.

Everything about this is great! The mix is the best I've ever heard from you. The arrangement is epic and moving. The orchestra is so real, it feels as if I'm actually listening to a performance. The melodies and the brass sound incredible. I love the addition of the chorus. I also really like the violin that comes in about halfway through.

5/5. I'm blown away.

Montron responds:

Thank you for your kind words. :)

This is so weird and strange... I like it.
I dig these weird, abnormal songs that don't really conform to any mainstream genres. Good job, I don't really have a lot to say, other than that I'm quite impressed.

Montron responds:

:) it's been fun to mess with something new.

This is really good! A few things:

-Some of the buildups feel just a tad bit cluttered.
-The transitions could be a little better.
-This is somewhat repetitive.

Other than that, this is great! The sound design is incredible! This song feels so epic and it is really a great song. A solid 4.5/5.

This is awesome! Definitely earned that #1 spot!

I might make a song like this that tells an interesting story. It really gives me the same kind of nostalgic feel that the Minecraft soundtrack does.

One of the leads in the intro has a weird thing on the reverb where it kind of resonates after the initial hit and it's a teeny bit painful to my ears. Other than that, this is great, super atmospheric.

1f1n1ty responds:

Hey megabyte, thanks for dropping by

About that lead, you're probably talking about 0:45. It was added in much later than the rest of the section to sort of keep things interesting while the chords in the background traded off for a bit. Perhaps not enough thought was put into that particular riff.

5 Stars. Love the atmosphere.

Not much to say. I love that oldschool trance vibe.

Mich responds:

Glad you enjoy it! :)

Not at lot to say, this is pretty nice. You've really made a unique style for yourself when it comes to DnB.

4.5/5, great track

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