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This one's gonna be tight. I can already tell.

Well, I listened to their entry, and I feel like this one gets a 4.5 too. The sound design is not as interesting, and the arrangement is a bit more generic, but in turn, the melodies are so awesome! I do think many parts in this lack any sort of bassline, but I still really enjoyed this.

Guessing this is for the NGADM?

Well, this is really good! The first 30 seconds feels slightly empty. Everything else left me nothing short of blown away!

Thoroughly impressed.

zybor responds:

Thank you very much for your review! :D

Nice. Nothing to say really, this is just a great track!

1f1n1ty responds:

I think this was my favorite melody transformation I've ever done

I mean, between the verse and the chorus

Nice ;)

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks! :D

Great work! The buildup feels a little cluttered. Other than that, really nice track!

4.5/5 ;)

P.S. You might want to change the genre to Hip Hop, which is closer to Trap than Dubstep.

Lots of nice stuff here. I love the sound design, the mixing is fantastic, the arrangement is good. Everything is great! Nice work man!


Well first, I really don't dig that clipping piano. The melodies were pretty catchy in my opinion. I did like the chords. Outside of the drop, I can hear a sub bass, but I wish there was more going on in the bass/low-mid frequencies. I don't really like the drop that much. It feels really random, and there isn't a lot of melodic content. This is the same problem Xtrullor has, where his drops have some really sick sound design but lack melodic content and thus aren't really that pleasant to listen to since they feel like random bass frequencies being modulated seemingly randomly. You actually managed to keep my interest for much of the song, which is impressive for 6 minutes. Still, it does feel a bit long. The ending isn't very conclusive, and kind of comes out of nowhere.

Overall, some nice stuff here, but needs some work. 3.5/5 ;)

the song that played when my dad discovered my mom was pregnant

1f1n1ty responds:


that's good i guess

Was that a sloppy John Cena theme at 0:08?

Seriously though, nice stuff here. Not a lot to say. 4/5

1f1n1ty responds:

no that was not a sloppy john cena but it does sound similar

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