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Haven't listened to your music in a while. This is really nice! A few things:
-The part at 00:30 feels really empty for a minute. The buildup also feels a little bit empty at times.
-The transition to the drop is really odd, could have been better.
-That drop was intense! I love the chords, and the weird little riffs in between them!
-The vocals were really good at all parts of the song. I wish they were a little louder at the drop though.
-It would be nice if both of the drops had some growly stuff going on.
-What was that ending? It came absolutely out of nowhere! There wasn't really any context to it, the song just sort of ended.

Overall, this is a really great remix of an awesome song! Just a few things need some work.
4/5, :D

Volterix responds:

Thanks for the review! Ones like this are really appreciated =)

That bass is so edgy tho. I really like what you did, and it was executed fairly well! I wish you used a more realistic sax though. Also, some of the sax parts have a bit of clipping. This track is also pretty repetitive. Still, great track! 4.5/5, GL in the NGADM

Also, you were in my group in the NGUAC, sorry you didn't make it lol (pretty sure this isnt what you entered though)

5TanLey responds:

I made velocity of the sax a bit more random during the break and outro, but in the drops it got so lost.. I kinda compressed the hell out of this tune.. thanks for the comment :)

So underrated...

Solkrieg responds:

Thanks bud, it's comments like these that really help me spread my wings out to other genres.

Some issues with clipping. Other than that, awesome track!

Good luck against a former champion! This is really cool!

Those glitch FX are really neat. There's a high lead around 0:53 which is playing a really nice melody, but it's a little painful. Maybe lower it an octave? Also, there's a bass at the first drop which is really overpowering. Other than that, really good job, everything contributes to the atmosphere. The percussion hits give me chills, as usual. The melodies are really pretty and fitting. The room is huge, the scene is real, this is awesome! I'm immersed in this 4.5 star piece :D

1f1n1ty responds:

Okay so for the drop I was trying to adhere to some advice mistmurk gave me about having good lows and good highs to make a climax powerful. Maybe I overdid it? Idk

And yeah everyone seems to hate that lead :P

I love the melodies in this!

GL in the NGADM! :D

johnfn responds:

that's what we dooooooooooo =D

(do do do)

I love this! One thing: some of the basses feel really odd to me. The sound design is really juicy, but they just feel really out of place. Other than that, good job!

GobSmacked responds:

Oh ok yeah I experimented with the Reese growl things and I thought it would fit the flow i shouldve toned it down a little more!

Why did I beat you? This is so much better than my entry!

Dude, this is awesome! Good job! I love the melodies. The percussive hits really contribute nicely to the atmosphere. 5/5

Ceevro responds:

It would appear that the judges thought (quite rightly) that my mixing/mastering weren't up to par. I need to get cleaner recordings with less background noise to score better in the future! No substitute for good room acoustics!

...and I record in my bedroom.

But thanks so much for the review!

Just taking a listen to the songs from people in my group in the NGUAC.

This is so melodic and pretty sounding, good job man! Also, GL!

Frick, you're in my group.

no longer active on ng, check out my other sites :)


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