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Some really nice melodies going on here. The master is garbage though. It absolutely killed the track and made it kind of painful to listen to. This goes for most of your tracks too. Outside of the drop, the bass end is really lacking. I think the sidechain should make the other instruments dip a little more to give the kick more power. I do really like the basses at the drop though!

Overall, you have some nice melodies, and a lot of cool ideas. This is not a generic dance track, and that's really what I like about all of your dance tracks. But, you need to fix that master! 3/5

same as lunacyecho

SoundChris responds:

Thanks a lot megabyte12345! Glad you liked my short and hilarious track :D

Really well done! This is fantastic! I have absolutely no criticism. 5/5

Libby-Shimmz responds:

Thank you kindly!

Here from R4R.
You nailed the atmosphere on this one! With just a few instruments in the intro, I already knew what emotions you were conveying to me. The hats that come in the background around 00:39 give it a sense of movement while still feeling slow. The transitions are fantastic, and this song flows like water. I have no complaints or criticism about this track, honestly. The mixing is great. I can tell what you were trying to go for, and you executed it very well. The ending was conclusive and well made. 5/5, great job :D

ADR3-N responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the review!

GL in the NGADM! This is an awesome track! I don't really love some of the instruments, but everything else is great. 4.5/5 :D

Noisysundae responds:

Many thanks. I wonder what those instruments are so I can make more fitting instrument choices in the future.

Love this. I really don't have anything to say, it's top-notch stuff :D

Not your best.
First, I don't really like the instrument you used in the intro. Also, wtf was the buildup? It came out of nowhere. The transition to the drop was OK, not terrible. The drop itself was fine. It was really underwhelming though, and where's the bass? Going into the part at 1:09, I think there should have been a reverse cymbal or some whitenoise to improve the transition. The lead at 1:26 is so awful. It's just not pleasant to listen to. I think you should use a different instrument for that lead, and make it quieter. What happened at 2:00? That was the strangest transition in the whole song. I would like the second drop, but again, the lack of an audible bass makes it sound less dense and intense. I think you should make the instruments dip a little more on the sidechain. Also, change the drum beat on the drop from *kick snare kick snare* to *kick kick+snare kick kick+snare*. Basically, make the kick have a 4-on-the-floor-type dealie.

Overall, not your best, but the melodies were pretty catchy. (which is what saved this song) 3/5

Hey, you actually included a serious bass this time. But the mastering is... bad... to say the least..


Found out about you through johnfn. I'm glad I did.
I really don't have much to say. The mixing is incredible. This does a really good job of conveying emotion. The mixture of strings and synths was executed fantastically well. Awesome track, 5/5! :D

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I was really blown away by this. I wish this had less samples though. No shame, I use them all the time, but I can pick out specific samples from this. You may want to try a less overused pack than the VR sample pack. Try splice or loopmasters, there are a ton of hidden gems on both of those websites.

Super awesome job though. I was blown away by this. 5/5

Volterix responds:

Thank you =)

no longer active on ng, check out my other sites :)


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