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OK, so I like this track. A few thoughts on this:
-I really like how upbeat it is! The upbeat synth and the kick combined with the clap in the buildup make it feel really bouncy. Good job with that :D
-You put a huge emphasis on the synths and the mid-high range. This made it sound really melodic and nice! But on the downside...
-There's not much a bassline. Like, at all. You really need the bass and the sub bass range to give it heaviness. This is especially true of trap. Even upbeat trap.
-Speaking of trap, this lacks some of elements that make trap, well, trap! Things like 808 kicks and high hat rolls. (you know, those hats that sound like a sprinkler) The only thing that makes me know this is trap (besides you saying so) is the snare.
-The mixing is pretty good! Nothing unique or special, but it's still well done. No muddiness, everything is panned well.
-This song has a lot of movement. It's really upbeat, and there's no part in the song where I was bored or disinterested.

Overall, you got some nice stuff, but some key elements are missing here. 4/5 though, good job, and GL in the NGADM! ;)

MrKoolTrix responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback. :D

Been listening to the NGUAC entries. Too bad you didn't make it, it would have been really cool to see what you would have made!

Besides that, I really can't see why this track wasn't included. Really good track, but some of the highs are a little overpowering. That's it, honestly. 4.5/5 :D

This is awesome! Really melodic and amiable track here. I don't have a lot to say. I kind of wish the kick drum at the drop was a little quieter, but that won't stop me from a 5/5 :D

Lockyn responds:


Very powerful track. It seems very experimental and uplifting, yet heavy. Good job, 4.5/5 :D

zybor responds:

Thank you megabyte for your review. :)


I really love the vibes in this! The overall atmosphere is really nice, and you do a good job of conveying the right emotions using the right instruments at the right time. Really fantastic track, 5/5. This is gonna be a tight round.

bassfiddlejones responds:

Aw yeah!

Really good mashup! You arranged it in such a way that I can here which songs are supposed to be in it, but it still sounds like a song of its own. It's also not just one song at a time, you mix different songs of yours at different times. Very well done, awesome as always.

4.5/5 ;)

GG in the NGUAC man! I'm in your group, but I scored a little lower than you. (not even a full point xD)

Good luck, but I don't plan on losing! >:D

Lubloom responds:

Thanks bro, you too :)

This is fantastic! I really enjoyed this track! You did a great job of giving this kind of a whimsical, loose feel, yet there's a certain underlying heaviness to it. The sound design, especially with the basses, is, as usual, very juicy and satisfying. The track progresses very nicely. I never felt bored when listening to this, it's always interesting. The only thing that held me back from a 5 was the fact that this lacks much originality. It just feels like I've heard most of the sounds in this a thousand times already in some incarnation or another. Still though, really awesome track, and I think a solid 4.5 stars is still an order.

Great job! 4.5/5

GobSmacked responds:

ayy thanks man i really appreciate that! I didnt get to fancy with this one I went for a solid and nice to listen to song without risking anything hence it might be not tooo original! Appreciate ya!

This is an awesome remix of an awesome song! I don't have a lot to say, but I do notice a lot of clipping. Work on that some.

4/5, good job! :D

I realize that this is an older one of yours, but I was looking through and saw a pokemon remix, so I just had to click it! The atmosphere is really good. I love your use of percussion to make a nice atmosphere. I like the main lead instrument you used. I kind of wish the kick were just a little quieter. And the total mood change from the slower, more atmospheric part to the more upbeat and intense part is awesome! I love it, and it's a great way to keep the listener interested (which is exactly what you need for a 5-and-a-half minute song)

Really great remix, 4.5/5

1f1n1ty responds:

It's always a nice refresher to see a fleshed out, constructive comment on this song every once and a while rather than the incessant spam i usually receive

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