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Ugh, this is so bad.

The drum beat is really annoying and repetitive. The... drop? Yeah, the drop at 00:14 comes out of nowhere with no warning and is painful to listen to. I actually had to skip it because it was hurting my ears. The transition at 00:54 is random and also comes out of nowhere with no warning. You just used the drums and some vocal samples. No other elements. This song is bland and it actually hurts my ears, a good sign that it's not particularly musical. Honestly, the only musical element in this song is the drum beat because it follows some sort of rhythm. Even the breakbeat doesn't really sound that good. It's playing a really awkward rhythm.

Overall, this song isn't really musical. It's repetitive and painful to listen to. 1/5, sorry.

Skiddle responds:

Well, it's splittercore, what would you expect? I'm still getting used to making songs like this, and it's fine if you don't like this: Splittercore isn't for everyone. And Ik the drop came out of no where. And, yeah, I could've been more creative with this, but I struggle with originality. Sorry if you didn't like this, Mithyx.

I feel like you straight up stole a lot of ideas from F*ck Gravity. Even the name sounds like a chinese knock-off brand. This would be a fantastic track if it weren't so unoriginal. I honestly think you should have just made this a remix of F*ck Gravity. That said, it was executed very well. The song is very crisp and satisfying to listen to. I also hear more glitch-hoppy elements than F*ck Gravity, which is a nice dosage of originality into an otherwise unoriginal song. So good on you for that.

I really would have given this a 4.5/5 if you didn't actually rip off Virtual Riot. I thought this would be inspired by him, not literally stolen from him. 3.5/5 for good execution though :) (sorry i got a little mad, i get pissed about this sort of thing)

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

it actually wasn't inspired by fuck gravity at all (except the name.). the song was originally a joke for a video i made, and i based into off of his song "turn up.". there aren't that many similarities between this and fuck gravity to be completely honest

Not bad actually! Just a few things:
-Try sidechaining your instruments. If you don't know what sidechain compression is, see this thread: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1421528 (there are also several tutorials on youtube about it)
-I like some of the instruments you used. The melody is nice too, if not a little repetitive.
-The clap around 00:08 is neat, but you might want to try a shorter clap.
-Transitions are pretty lacking. due to almost no effects.
-The song is rather repetitive, it would be cool if you introduced new elements and ideas.
-The drop is fine. Nothing special or unique, but it's sorta catchy!
-Much of this song feels really dry.
-The ending comes out of nowhere.
-This song is neat and somewhat catchy, and it has some redeeming qualities, but with all that said, I just feel like I've heard it a thousand times before. Nothing new or interesting for progressive house.

Overall, you have some neat ideas. But it seems like a lot of your songs have common issues. Try to work on it. Watch some tutorials on YT, experiment, try new stuff. 3.5/5, keep at it man :D

There are some cool ideas here. Thoughts:
-That main melody/arp is really annoying and repetitive until you change it. I feel like the variation should come in sooner.
-I like that you used reverse crashes, but immediately after a reverse crash, it's good to put a crash there.
-Add some effects, it's really bland in that regard. (uplifters, downlifters, impacts, whitenoise, etc)
-I love that bass you used at 0:14!
-I also love how you introduced a guitar. Neat idea!
-Buildup feels empty, which can be attributed to the lack of effects.
-The drop feels empty too. This is also related to the lack of effects, but you also will want to add some things like hats, rides and maybe even layer some basses.
-Something you should definitely do is EQ the sub out of your basses, then make a separate sub channel. If you don't know how to make a sub, you can either make a sine wave and move it down a few octaves OR (if you want a heavier sub) make a square wave, move it down a few octaves, then filter out the high frequencies.
-The synth hits at the drop are cool, but they feel really dry. Add some reverb to them.
-You used the same basses throughout the drop in unoriginal ways. This makes it incredibly boring to listen to combined with of being somewhat empty and dry.
-The sound design at the drop is really cool though! The wobbles and growls have some cool sound design.
-The transitions in general are pretty mediocre because of the lack of effects. (besides a reverse cymbal)
-After the drop, you kind of prolong the song for a bit too long. The second drop (which was basically a copy+paste of the first one) was unnecessary to be honest.
-You may be thinking, "3 minutes isn't that long though!". You're actually right, 3 minutes isn't long. However, repetition and the lack of new elements makes it feel long.
-The ending came out of nowhere and wasn't a very good conclusion to the song.
-Lastly, this really doesn't sound like a ToE song. It really doesn't have much in common in terms of the structure and design with the other entries to the series.

Overall, you have some cool ideas, but this song is dry and repetitive. Keep at it though, you're improving. 2.5/5 :)

P.S. Sorry if I came across as harsh! I really am not trying to be rude, I'm only trying to help you. Don't take what I said as an insult. Separate yourself from your music and consider the things I said.

Epic, garage, orchestra, IDM? With tags like those, I knew I needed to check this out.

It seems you have found this perfect synergy between orchestra and synthesis. I absolutely love this. This is indeed epic as you described it, and I was shocked by how well the orchestral elements complement the synthetic elements. This sound felt too short, despite been 4:30, which is a solid length. That's a good sign you've gotten your listener immersed in the track. Your use of percussive effects and drums to add intensity is just masterful. I could keep going on and on about how good this is. 5/5, definitely your best.

zybor responds:

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. :)

I haven't listened to your stuff in a while, but you have improved since I first listened to you! Nice work, a few things:

-For the first minute or so, the sub bass is too overpowering. Sometimes a powerful sub bass is good, but in this case, you probably want it to be more subtle.
-The actual bass itself in the intro sounds really strange and out of place.
-I do like that first lead. I also like the arp, but you could tone it down a bit.
-The transition to the buildup was really weird. I didn't actually know the buildup had started yet.
-The drop was pretty good! Again though, the arp needs to come down, and the sub bass is still really overpowering.
-The lead needs to be louder. It's a really nice lead, but I want to hear it come out!
-The transition out of the drop was odd. I wasn't prepared for it.
-I love that piano!
-At about 2:30, a weird lead comes in that I don't really like.
-I love the wubby, future-bassy chords that come in around 2:35!
-The second transition to the second drop was better.
-The second drop is nice. Pretty repetitive though, like the first one.
-The ending was OK, I guess. Sort of comes out of nowhere, but it's not the worst I've heard.

Overall a solid track. The main issue is the extremely overpowering sub bass, which killed this for me. I'd be willing to give this a 4/5 if you would just turn down the sub bass! Still, a solid 3.5/5. Nice work man, you've really come far since I last listened to you! :D

Domyeah responds:

man, thank you a lot for the tips. Those really help, and I don't get enough of them..

Does that arp remind anyone else of Chaoz Fantasy? Anyways, this is a great track! Some of the transitions are kind of odd, but other than that, really good! :D 4.5/5

Geoplex responds:

Lots of people mentioning chaoz fantasy, it went right over my head until now lol. Whup

this song is hot

Lockyn responds:

much love

Very catchy. The chords are a little repetitive, but other than that, this is great! The vocals are nice, the leads all sound nice. I love the weird basses that come in later in the song. The vocal chops are really good. Good track all around, 4.5/5 ;)

5 stars cuz its funny

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