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I'm learning more and more how great your voice is. 5/5

McGorilla42 responds:

Gosh, thanks Mithyx! I'm really glad you enjoy it :)


johnfn responds:

thanks! =D

Sick synthwave! :D

McGorilla42 responds:

Thanks, Mithyx! :) I'm glad you enjoy it

I wish you'd do more of these! :D

Holy crap dude...

love it, new favorite from you

5TanLey responds:

noice :)

Skrillex never made a song called cinema. He remixed a song called cinema. So is this a remix of a remix?

You've improved dude! Here are my thoughts:
-The piano in the intro sounds nice, but it's a bit unrealistic. Try PianoOne, or TrueKeys. Kontakts also has some nice stuff.
-Some of the chords sound really bad to me.
-I don't really like that metallic snare. It just doesn't fit.
-I didn't realize a buildup was happening, so the drop came out of nowhere.
-Dubstep usually has the drum beat in half time, so instead of KSKS it would be K-S-K-S-
-Those growls are processed in a very strange way, and sound odd and out of place.
-The arps at the drop are cool, but again, sound really out of place.
-In general, the instruments you chose for this song were really odd.
-The master is pretty bad.
-The part at 0:59 with the start/stop drums was a cool idea, but it has a really unnatural flow to it.

Overall, it seems you're suffering from something that a lot of other novice artists on NG suffer from: good ideas, poor execution. Keep at it though, you have a lot of potential!

PassarinoT responds:

Thanks man lol. But yeah the piano has been updated, keep in mind this version is not going to be updated with the actual track as I'm going to be uploading it to itunes, but I do agree with the mastering and I have since (hugely) changed that. Yeah tbh I don't like my snares either, I'll try something new out there. I will adjust the intro a bit, thank you for that! But with the half-time thing, I wasn't exactly aiming for dubstep exactly, more of a hybrid genre of dubstep and future bass, and a hint of drumstep. Tbh this whole song was just like a test that I ended up liking. And I probably should adjust the chords in the intro as they aren't very good (I made them in like 2 minutes rip lol), especially to match the chords on the chorus. And yeah you're right about the buildup, I am trying to hold back on the first 2 buildups, as this is only the preview, the full version has a much stronger (and evident) buildup. Oh and yeah with the drum stop lol I didn't like it either and I'll change it, It just sounds even more unnatural with adding in the current beat to it.

Music to my ears... literally wtf

sYrge responds:

I was kinda hoping that it would sound like music :)

NCS?! dude, how low are your standards? this is OK at best. the mixing and mastering is mediocre, not professional enough for NCS. the melody is really awkward to listen to and feels unnatural. the drop doesn't sound eqed, and the chords are too loud. the lead is sidechained way too hard. this piece is unbearably repetitive. im sorry, this is not near the level you need to be to get on NCS. listen to some NCS songs and compare it to this piece, i think you'll hear the distinct quality difference. 2.5/5, you gotta try harder. study some music theory and mixing skills.

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no longer active on ng, check out my other sites :)


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