Different Era EP available on Bandcamp!

2017-08-18 08:00:25 by MithyxSounds


Get the whole EP FREE here! (pay what you want)


I will release the songs in the coming weeks as they appear on the EP. This news post will be updated when a new one is uploaded to NG.

1. Different Era

2. Neon Utopia

3. Jupiter

4. 37







UPDATE: The entire EP is now available on NG, and is in a nice neat playlist! However, if you'd like the lossless WAV versions of each song (a higher quality format), consider downloading the EP on Bandcamp! :D


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2017-09-02 09:27:39

that cover is boss, dude!!
also, I really like the already released tracks, can't wait for 37

(Updated ) MithyxSounds responds:

thanks! fyi, i didn't make the cover. it was made by beeple (beeple-crap.com). i just inserted some text over it + my logo xD

37 is pretty neat, it's got kind of a funky vibe with the blues scale and all


2017-09-14 11:23:38

I just reviewed the EP on my website, you check it out here http://braydogproductions.wixsite.com/braydogproductions/reviews

MithyxSounds responds:

dude thank you for taking the time to do that