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New beats

2016-12-04 17:00:40 by MithyxSounds

new beats coming jan 2017


The rights for my music

2016-12-04 07:05:46 by MithyxSounds

Okay, so I've had a request to post what rights people have to use my songs, so here you go:

-You may remix my music. Don't ask, you have my permission. (unless the description explicitly says not to remix it)

-My songs are free to use in any animation, game, or video, as long as you credit properly.

-You may use any of my songs in Geometry Dash.

-If you want me to make an OST for a game of yours, please message me and we'll talk about it.


2016-11-26 14:52:53 by MithyxSounds

Ignore everything in the last post. I changed my mind, lol that was stupid xD

but im still uploading nightcore to soundcloud


2016-11-23 15:42:14 by MithyxSounds

I'm discontinuing my newgrounds and my patreon. I will be uploading Nightcore songs to Soundcloud and Youtube soon. See ya!

Full EP is out!

2016-11-19 07:06:22 by MithyxSounds

My full EP is out! It will be released tomorrow. If you wanna give it a listen, go here:


Also my song Depth is out so go check that out

EDIT: BTW there's a playlist here on newgrounds with all the ep songs for those who are too lazy to go on soundcloud. here it is:

New tracks all around + EP info! + more

2016-11-13 07:39:37 by MithyxSounds

I'm happy to say that my EP is finished! (well, almost finished) Starlight is now available on all media! It's 123 BPM melodic electro, so it's kinda weird. Also, my (also weird) 110 BPM drumstep song, Depth, is now out on Patreon! It will be available on other media next week! Thanks guys!



I have FL Mobile 3, so my tracks aren't GREAT, but I do have some good news:

For Christmas, I'm probably getting FL Studio 12.3: Producer Edtion, so my content should improve! :D


2016-11-05 18:41:31 by MithyxSounds

I'm scouted now! Thank you Tygrysek(or Neo)

Wasteland (Patreon Exclusive)

2016-11-04 06:58:35 by MithyxSounds

My song, Wasteland is out on Patreon! It's a 140 BPM Dubstep single. It is only available for patrons of me on Patreon, and will not be available on any other media. My patreon is here if you dont know:

New song done!

2016-11-02 06:27:25 by MithyxSounds

I have finished a new track called Starlight. It's out for my patrons on Patreon, and will be available on other media in a week. It's good to be back guys!

Small side note: FL Mobile 3 is out, so my music should see an improvement! However, it is kinda buggy, so I will have to work with that.

New song coming soon!

2016-10-30 08:17:53 by MithyxSounds

Sorry for inactivity lately, school has kept me busy. I'm making a new song soon though!