What do I use

2017-04-03 04:57:38 by MithyxSounds

I use FL Studio 12.3 Producer Edition to make my songs. I like FL because the stock plugins are good, and it has qutie a few of them. The stock samples are pretty good too.



-Synthmaster all the way for everything ever

-Some Sylenth1 for plucks and leads 

-EWQL Hollywood Strings for strings. sometimes i distort these for pads too

-Sytrus for bass, plucks, leads, and sub

-3xosc for miscellaneous things like whitenoise

-Sometimes Nexus pads. i've used an arp before too but i dont do that anymore

-PianoOne for most of my pianos

-Slicex for vocal chops



-FerricTDS for saturation

-Sausage fattener for fatness lol

-Fruity Parametric EQ 2... i know fab filter is better but i need a pretty good reason to spend that kind of money

-Fruity Reeverb 2 for reverb

-Fruity Delay Bank

-I occasionally use Vocodex, not for vocoding though, just to give my sounds some depth

-Fruity Waveshaper for edgy-ass sounds

-Maximus for multiband compression

-Soundgoodizer for miscellaneous things

-Fruity Love Philter because filters and dynamics and stuff

-Love fruity convolver for delay and reverb

-Fruity chorus for... chorus xD

-Fruity Peak Controller for SIIIDDEEECHAAAIIINN

-Fruity panomatic because pans

-Effector for that lofi sound

-CamelCrusher for edgy distortion (makes waveshaper look like child's play)

-iZotope Vinyl is a pretty new addition, i used it in Absorb at the beginning for that old vinyl-y sound



-Vengeance essential clubsounds vol1 and essential house vol 1 and 2

-Virtual Riot Sample pack (prime loops)

-A ton of Loopmasters taster packs (like literally 23 i counted)

-A ton of free Cymatics packs

-Stock sounds you can get in high quality on youtube vids from no particular sample retailer

-Trapaholics Drum Kit (hipstrumentals)



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2017-04-03 11:29:59

Fuck. I still need lost of softwares :v

MithyxSounds responds:

Depends on your style. I'd say get VSTs and samples according to your style ;)